Maximize Potential

Investing in coaching and professional development empowers your people to manage and lead, resulting in increased productivity, engagement, profit, and loyalty.

Compass Point works with you to design programs and initiatives to cultivate your internal leadership and build a pipeline of talent to shepherd your organization into the future.

Explore how Compass Point can support your executives and enhance your internal talent development efforts.

Coaching enhances skills, defines leadership, provides a thought partner, and builds cohesion.

With programs tailored to the needs of executive leaders, mid-level managers, recently promoted leaders, high potentials, and entry-level employees, we prepare diverse leaders for advancement into to leadership.

Compass Point Coaching can be used to:

• Strengthen core leadership skills
• Navigate organization change
• Prepare for advancement
• Transition into a new role
• Assess and enhance fundamental strengths
• Align organizational needs and team strengths
• Provide feedback and coaching
• Enhance communications skills
• Connect with core stakeholders
• Cultivate a professional identity
• Develop executive presence
• Facilitate outbound transitions

Achieving business goals and managing change requires empowered leaders, collaborative teams, and engaged employees. As a strategic consultant and advisor, Compass Point supports and strengthens your initiatives and programs to fill in leadership and learning gaps. We prioritize engagement, retention, and productivity. Our work enhances your leadership pipeline and informs your ongoing talent development programming.

Work with Compass Point to:

  • Hire and on board new employees
  • Engage employees
  • Prepare for promotion
  • Develop skills
  • Strengthen leadership
  • Identify gaps
  • Plan transitions
  • Support outplacement
Compass Point designs and delivers custom programs to address your organization’s specific needs, allowing you to invest in initiatives that will have the greatest impact. Custom programs are also useful for small organizations with unique challenges.

Explore custom solutions to:

• Advance diverse leaders
• Develop skills
• Enhance communications
• Build collaborative
• Support projects
• Prepare for mergers
• Redeploy talent
• Execute a reorganization
• Support new leadership
• Wrap an engagement or grant

Book Nicolette to inspire your teams, catalyze conversation, introduce new programming, motivate engagement, build cohesion, facilitate learning, and lead trainings.

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Take Action

Katherine Browne, AF4Q | RWJF

Have you ever heard a speaker or attended a class, after which, audience members look at each other and know that their thinking and assumptions have just profoundly been changed? Nicolette’s time with our team at Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) was inspiring, thought-provoking, filled with humor and imparted a “can-do” attitude; we left empowered to start a journey of self-discovery and professional fulfillment.

Laura Taylor, Silverline

Nicolette and I began working together when I launched Silverline (formerly Gaia Group) in 2009. From the start, she broke the mold on a cookie cutter approach to coaching. She works closely with me (and now my team) to craft custom solutions to the issues that we face as fellow service providers and business women. We can’t thank her enough for the support and guidance delivered over the last half decade.