Take Charge

From the earliest days on campus, students make decisions that impact their career trajectory. Much of that decision-making happens outside of the career center’s reach.

Compass Point works with you to bridge the gap between your students’ academic and professional lives, demystifying next steps, building momentum, breaking down unrealistic expectations, and challenging assumptions.

Nicolette collaborates with career centers, faculty, staff, student groups, programs leaders, affinity groups, corporate sponsored events, study abroad, and more to propel students into action!

Yifei Chen, Smithsonian Enterprises

I had Nicolette as a guest speaker on campus about LinkedIn profile. She is amazing! She talked about not only how to maximize the use of LinkedIn as a professional communication tool, but also shared her very own experience with all the students. And in fact, seats were not enough as people continued to enter the conference room. I cannot wait to have her on campus again!

Will Ellingson, United Airlines

Nicolette was able to provide excellent advice when it was needed most: when my confidence faltered. Her keen ability to create a sense of structure out of a seemingly chaotic situation allowed me to refocus efforts that I knew would advance my career in my current position and beyond. It’s thanks to her that I have a reinvigorated focus on a wealth of personal goals.